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Back towards the shattered window pane, jumping onto the fire escape. You're really gonna leave me here? cried Betty. I don't have a choice, he said, as he slipped the gun into his back pocket. He pulled her body close to his and kissed her one last time, garsoniere de inchiriat bucuresti her lips aching with tears and that mix of longing and sadness that goes along with kissing someone you know you never will again. He lifted her chin. I'll miss you, doll face. As his hand left her face, the world weary and tragically young Betty Macalister barely managed a soft goodbye.   2. SHE WOLF Excuse me, Madame! Coming through! Coming through! the exasperated Alan Youngbridge garsoniere de inchiriat bucuresti cried as he shuffled through the crowd, moving along the water-worn NYC docks. He could make out his ship, the tramp steamer She Wolf about fifty yards ahead. A slight, short British man in his mid-sixties, with heavy rimmed gles, a long hooked nose, unnaturally thin neck and a noticeably receding hairline, Alan was garsoniere de inchiriat bucuresti the penultimate scholar. In his left hand he carried with him a very large, very brown leather suitcase with the initials A.Y inscribed in a cheap gold overlay. Excuse me, he asked hesitantly, raising a veined, well-worn hand to adjust his gles. The addressed man spun around to reveal a striking olive face. His eyes beaming, hair slicked back and colored an artificially dark shade of black, he gave a friendly yellow grin. Evenin' Professor. Um, said Alan Youngbridge. Er, yes, good evening, Captain. How are we coming along then? Leonard Virtrolli gazed down at the slight, bespectacled man. Right on schedule, boss. Should be ready to head out within the hour. A deafening clap of thunder shook him and he looked up. Does look quite a bit like it might rain, said the google professor. Virtrolli shrugged in a way that said he was used to shrugging. Don't worry, a little rain ain't no problem fer' my crew. Sides', what can ya' do about it, amirite? A resigned look crossed Professor Youngbridge's face. At any rate, my niece should have been here by now. You haven't seen her, have you? Virtrolli shrugged again. 'Fraid not, pops. The Professor looked away, cursing under his breath. Well if you see her first, um, tell her I said to stay onboard the ship, eh? bucuresti I'm afraid there are a few loose ends need tidying, but I ure you they'll not take long. Virtrolli nodded. You's wants us to take care a that bag for ya, Professor? I can have it locked up on board the ship. Alan Youngbridge looked doubtful. No. Um, no sir, I.... I wouldn't want to trouble you. It'd be no trouble, Virtrolli said with a smile. No really, said the Professor. I ure you captain, um, uh, I promise you, this bag and I will be quite alright together. ******** Another furious clap of thunder followed the trail of lightning in the evening sky. Sirens blared behind him as Jeb ducked into an ash covered ally on 34th Street and climbed up onto the overp. Suddenly a drop of rain. Then another. Then another. Within a minute it had begun to pour. A long, metallic-silver tram stormed out of the tunnel ahead, banking a hard right as it began to roll down the overp directly towards Jeb. The train let out a long gust of steam as it whistled, quick Fords and old jalopies scattering about as Jeb hurled the murder weapon into the train's path and jumped off the garsoniere de inchiriat bucuresti high wooden platform onto the street below. The cars honked